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 My nordic deck :D

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PostSubject: My nordic deck :D   Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:13 am


This is my nordic deck its pretty fun to play Very Happy and any suggestions to help this deck would be nice

Bls x1
gorz x1
Thunder king x1
Gulfaxe of the nordic beasts x3
vanadis of the nordic ascendant x2
super-nimble hamster x2
tanngrisnir of the nordic beasts x2
tanngnjostr of the nordic beasts x3
valkyrie of the nordic ascendant x2
battle fader x2
effect veiler x1

Dark hole x1
pot of duality x1
mystical space x3
forbidden lance x2
forbidden dress x2

Gleipnir, the fetters of fenrir x3
bottomless trap hole x1
mirror force x2
D prison x2
compulsory evacuation device x1
safe zone x2

Extra deck:
odin father of the aesir x2
Thor lord of the aesir x1
Mist wurm x1
crimson blader x1
scrap dragon x1
stardust dragon x1
black rose dragon x1
ancient sacred wyvern x1
forgot to take out arcanite magcian so just run another level 7 synchro x1
ally of justice catastor x1
gem knight pearl x1 to get over dat ophion
photon papi x1
gagaga cowboy x1
zenmaines x1

Also I found something really trolls with Odin and safe zone if you safe zone Odin then on your turn activate the effect of odin which makes him not effected by spells and traps until the endphase you can attack directly then when your turn ends hes protected again also Odin and Thor reborn themselves so thats always fun Very Happy
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My nordic deck :D
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