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 Gishki FTK Deck

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PostSubject: Gishki FTK Deck   Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:41 pm

Main Deck
X3 Shadow
X3 Vision
X2 Abyss
X2 Beast
X2 Ariel
X2 Trag
X3 Zielgigas
X1 Gustkraken
X2 Soul Ogre

X3 Aquamirror
X2 Salvage
X2 Upstart
X2 Lance
X2 Smashing Ground (Just a Tech)
X1 One Day of Peace
X1 Heavy Storm
X1 Dark Hole
X1 Monster Reborn
X1 Book of Moon
X2 Royal Decree

Side Deck
X2 Gozen Match
X2 Maxx "C"
X2 Effect Veiler
X2 T-King Rai-Oh
X2 Imperial Iron Walls
X2 Black Horn of Heaven
X2 Prohibition

Extra Deck
X2 Abyss Dweller
X2 Bahamut Shark
X1 Nightmare Shark
X1 Shark Drake
X1 Dire Wolf
X1 Utopia
X1 Maestroke
X1 Blackship
X1 Giant Hand
X1 Gachi
X1 Gem-Knight Pearl
X1 Gustav Max
X1 Hieratic Overlord

This isn't supposed to FTK every game, this deck is made so it can still survive without the FTK, but you do get the FTK every third game just about.
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Gishki FTK Deck
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