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Welcome to the Headquarters of Team Titans! We are a new and upcoming competitive team. Looking for 7 more members!
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 Just Be Patient....

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PostSubject: Just Be Patient....   Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:40 pm

Sup guys,

I know you people may think that we're an inactive team at the moment, but we're not. I'm still looking for the last 3 members that can be GREAT in TT. Also, we have our new ban list so we'll give some of you time to settle in and figure out which direction you're heading in as a player and what decks you plan to use.

P.S. - You guys are supposed to be checking this forum EVERY TIME you get on Dueling Network. I want commitment out of some of you and it would be G R E A T if some of you would maybe post some things. Ya know, we're trying to make up for the problems we had in TOAST (previous team). So inactive members will be talked to regarding their commitment to TT.

Peace out girl scouts,


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Just Be Patient....
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